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Footpath Problems

I know we are in an era of ever more cut backs & restricted budgets & footpaths are perhaps not high on the agenda. But we need to keep reporting problems. If we don't report problems we are giving councils a reason to cut resources even further


If you have a problem with a right of way then it should be reported to the appropriate authority.  If you are in a Leeds postcode area then that is Leeds City Council. You can find their web page on rights of way here Leeds City Council and their report form for problems here report form


If you feel that Lee Davidson our footpath officer should be involved then please email him at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  please refer to only paths within the Leeds area.


For North Yorkshire try this link North Yorkshire rights of way  this has a collection of guides to public rights of way relating both to users and landowners and is worth exploring.


Why not download the Pathwatch app?  This is for Android or Apple & lets you use your smart phone or tablet to report path problems there & then. No waiting till you you get home, no trying to remember exactly where it was, no excuse for forgetting. Your device will have the OS coordinates & you can take a photo of the problem

This link will take you to to it on The Ramblers main web site report path features and problems


 This is by Natural England  A guide to definitive maps and changes to public rights of way

Monday, December 10, 2018