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Walks Co ordinator report 2016

Leeds Group Walks Co ordinators Report - AGM 12th November 2016


I think we took pride in that Leeds Group would have a walk in the printed programme for every Saturday in the year. This year I know at least couple of Saturdays were missed but we still had well attended walks, sometimes two, arranged at short notice. Perhaps a sign that we now accept communication via email as normal. To have a walk in the printed programme means committing yourself up to eight months in advance to. Now a walk can be arranged, advised by email & put on the web site just the day before.


People have mentioned to me that we have only a few short leisurely walks and that when there is a short walk it is very well attended. It would be ideal if we had a short and a longer walk every week. But! What goes in the programme is not up to me. It is up to the walk leaders. If I am given more short walks there will be more in the programme. There is a larger turnout for shorter walks so why aren't there more leaders for short walks?


Another point raised is that in the past our walks were always in the afternoon. Twelve noon would be the earliest start & in the Summer 1pm was normal & sometimes even 2pm. The start time for all walks is at the absolute discretion of the walk leader but for Summer 2017 we could try later starts again. Perhaps it would increase our numbers?



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