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Treasurers report & accounts

Leeds Group Annual Return year ended 30/9/2016 Treasurers Report


Leeds Group has very little expenditure. We hire a room at the Methodist Centre for our committee meetings at £28.50 a time 3 to 4 times a year. We hold our AGM at different venues but hire of hall is less than £50. We have our own web site & hosting this site did cost us around £30pa. This year they wanted to charge us £135. This has prompted a move to a different host organised by a group of fellow Ramblers. The cost of this will be born by Ramblers Central Office so our only expenditure will be £6pa for our domain name of “Leedsramblers.org.uk” We cannot transfer our existing site to a new host so I am in the process of building a new web site.

 Our basic allowance from Area for next year will be £642 & is more than adequate for our needs.

 Our income comfortably exceeds group expenditure. When it builds up as it has done this year to a sum of £1900 we must look to either forgoing any further funds from Area until the balance has reduced or spend it. We have for 2016 decided to make a further donation to Leeds City Council of £1500 to improve footpath signposting & waymarking in the Leeds area provided Leeds Council match our donation £ for £. Leeds City Council has accepted this offer & committee members will be working with the Council to ensure signs are placed where needed

 Thanks once again to John Miles who has independently examined the accounts

 Peter Sweeney

 Leeds Group Treasurer

 October 2016


Receipts Current yr Prior yr Payments Current yr Prior yr
From CO (funding)     To CO    
From CO (other)     To Area    
From Area (funding) 667.00 683.00 To Group (funding)    
From Area (other)     To Group (other)    
From Group     To S/W Council    
From S/W Council     Walks programmes    
T/fer from 'Self-funded'     Walks related    
Donations     Walks leader training    
Legacies     Newsletters/publicity    
Grants     Publication/goods costs 26.99 38.98
Fundraising     Campaigns/casework    
Deposit interest 2.17 1.18 Practical work    
Investment income     Fundraising costs    
Publication/goods sales     Meetings (inc. AGM) 123.00 279.00
Advert sales     Admin   2.35
Other     Other    
Total receipts 669.17 684.18 Total payments 149.99 320.33
Surplus/(deficit) 519.18 363.85  
  - -  
Summary Restricted Main Self-funded Total   Prior yr
Total receipts - 669.17 - 669.17   684.18
Total payments - 149.99 - 149.99   320.33
Surplus/(deficit) - 519.18 - 519.18   363.85






Cashbook reconciliation  
    Main Self-funded Total  
Opening balance   1,382.57   1,382.57 [A]
Surplus/(deficit) on R&P   519.18 - 519.18 [B]
Closing balance (rows A + B + C)   1,901.75 - 1,901.75 [C]
Closing balances

Cash Bank Total    
- 1,901.75 1,901.75 [D] -
Tuesday, March 20, 2018