Leeds Group Ramblers

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Committee Meeting Minutes October 2017

Minutes of Committee Meeting, 3rd October 2017
Carl Richman (Chair), Lee Davidson (Minutes secretary), Peter Sweeney, Jean Wynne
Martin Bennett, Stephanie Blevins, Mike Willison
Minutes of meeting held on 22nd June 2017
The minutes of the meeting held on 22nd June, 2017 were approved (Prop CR Sec PSw)
subject to the correction of the date the next meeting from’September’ to ‘October’.
Matters arising
6.1 Future funding targets
PSw reported that in view of the current balances held it was unlikely that Leeds Group
would be given their standard allocation of funds by default. However, the Area
Treasurer had made it clear that if the Group presented a project (such as the donations
for footpath signs made to Leeds CC in the previous two years) then it would have a good
chance of receiving funding.
LD undertook to contact PRoW in Leeds about the cost of the average ditch board.
Benches and where to place them was also discussed. Older walkers find sitting on the
ground for refreshments a trial. It was noted that some popular locations in Leeds such as
Goldenacre had a surplus of benches while others, notably Eccup Reservoir area, have
virtually none.
CR drew the attention to the forthcoming visit of the Ramblers CEO, Van Griffiths, to the
Area on 19th October. Her programme included lunch, an afternoon walk, evening meal
and then attendance at the Area Council meeting. Although intended primarily as an
opportunity for Area Council attendees to meet her, it was hoped that Group Secretaries
would have passed the message on. Representation by every group during the day was
essential. The national Area Support Manager Richard Sharp would also be visiting.
Arrangements for the AGM on 11th November were well in hand. The two walks
arranged were timed to end at the Harewood Village Hall at 1.00pm, at which point there
would be as brief a business meeting as was necessary to elect officers, pass the AGM
 minutes and accounts etc. Members would be reminded that this was an opportunity to
promote any motions which they wanted to send on to Area AGM (and possibly to
national General Council). Then the buffet arranged by Muddy Boots Cafe would
commence and the meeting could proceed on an informal basis, with officers circulating
among the company. It was hoped that the meal would provide a motivation for a higher
The hall would be available from 12.00 for any Committee members wishing to check the
arrangements. The buffet was priced at £7.50 per head and is coming out of Leeds Group
funds, as a thank you for those people attending the AGM and supporting our work.
CR reminded the meeting that he would be preparing an annual report on the group’s
activities for Area. This could include contributions from others (eg LD on Footpath
CR would prepare some copies of the 2016 AGM minutes, and an agenda sheet. The
notice for the Leeds Group AGM would be on the various websites. The meeting time
had been given in the walks programme.
Secretary (CR
CR brought to the meeting’s attention the recent case of a walker who had been taken ill
during a walk and had had to be assisted to a car. It was a timely reminder that when
grading walks leaders should use the descriptive terminology for the walk (‘easy’,
‘leisurely’ etc) carefully and according to the definitions available from CO.
Future meeting venue
As the Oxford Place Centre website makes clear (http://www.oxfordplacecentre.org.uk)
the centre meeting rooms will cease to be available in 2018.
would enquire about the last date at which meeting space would be available. The loss of the regular venue would
affect the making of arrangements for the 2018 meetings, which is normally done at the turn of the year.
The meeting discussed possible alternatives. All members are asked to come forward with suggestions.
The ideal premises would be city centre, close to as many bus services
as possible and cheap. There are church and similar halls available out of the city centre
at reasonable cost, but they are often not well placed for public transport (eg premises in
Roundhay are not easily reachable by bus from Headingley). Pubs such as the Victoria
have rooms, but they are not necessarily ideal because of noise.
Treasurer (PSw)
Current balance is
, from which will shortly come room hire and the AGM
Membership (PSw)
Current membership at end of September 2017 -
541 The corresponding figure for the
previous year was 561. About 40 new members had come into the group during the year,
so the loss of members had been around 60. PSw thought that most of these losses had
been older members. He is in regular contact via email with just under 200 members.

In MW’s absence this could not be discussed at length. LD reported that he and MW had
secured maps of the HS2 route and of the parts of the footpath network affected and
would be looking at them to see the effects on the network and to think of the best
JW mentioned that new housing proposals in the Wetherby area needed watching because
they often involved using agricultural land.

11.Walks Programme (PSw)

The next Walks Programme was with the printers and would be going out to members soon
12.Footpath (LD)

LD reported briefly on recent reports he had sent to Leeds PRoW concerning path
problems at Ardsley Reservoir, Leeds Bradford Airport (liaising with Richard Smith the
Lower Wharfedale FP officer) and Shadwell.

13.Other business

13.1.Bank Mandate

The present cheque signatories were MB, MW, PSw and CR. MB had asked to be
removed from the list. LD and possibly JW were willing to be added.

13.2. Bus Transport Group

CR had recently attended a Bus Transport group meeting. This group was discussing
improvements to the bus services and network.

14.Date of next meeting

To be arranged

Tuesday, March 20, 2018